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In this fast pacing world, every piece of information is available with a swipe of a finger.

But this same information, when not delivered in the right manner and within appropriate timing, has the potential to cause considerable damages to the largest of the organizations.

And that is why enterprises today understand the importance of business collaboration tools. Famous examples of such a tool are Slack and the counterpart Slack competitors-all of which facilitates instantaneous team communication for an organized workspace and a streamlined workflow.

Slack is an award-winning, wildly popular collaboration and business messaging application that serves corporate teams as an excellent alternative to emails and phone call. The powerful messaging features and the easy-to-use interface is not the only reason for its popularity. There are functionalities like threading, instant messaging for business, pinning, document tracking, and lightning-quick navigation that make this an excellent tool.

As impressive as Slack is in multiple functionality dimensions, this article is not about Slack. The article instead talks about Slack Alternatives —which might have you wondering why bother looking at the alternate options when Slack is so great?

Troop Messenger :
Of course, we’re biased, but hey — it is our blog. Here’s our #1 Slack Competitor

Troop Messenger is a renowned business messenger application develop to empower communication and collaboration between the team members. As a Slack biggest competitor, it provides organizations and businesses with features like instant messaging, video call, file sharing in an exclusive and secure environment. Much like Slack, the tool connects the users within their organization irrespective of their time zone, location, and makes for a robust online-based workforce.

Why Choose Troop Messenger Instead of Slack?

With Troop Messenger, the team members get to avail direct messaging capabilities and also leverage the advanced features like audio or video calls, virtual meetings, screen sharing, and many productivity features that enhance collaboration.

The software is lightning fast, as it connects the members working within an organization at an excellent speed.

Troop Messenger is known for the highly secure firewall, which assures privacy to all the messages, conversations, and file exchanges happening between team members. The end-to-end encryption is the reason why no unauthorized party can ever access the data and information shared within the troop messenger application.

The tool has ‘delete and recall’ feature and multiple domain merging options.

To save even more time, the tool has a speech to text option, which is again something that can boost productivity at your workplace.

The troop messenger is strictly individual to your organization. The involvement of no external networks or the third party offers an extraordinary level of security.

Troop Messenger is an affordable collaboration tool. The free version alone can fit the need of small businesses with 50 users’ access to all the features. The premium version is as low as $1 monthly, per user.

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