Reusable Bags, A Necessity

reusable bags life made of cloth, it will decompose and because the process is rapid, there is less chances of possible pollution.

Any form that has the capability of being broken down or decomposed rapidly by the action of (microorganisms). At the end of a reusable bags life made of cloth, it will decompose and because the process is rapid, there is less chances of possible pollution. Other biodegradable substances include, cotton, wool, wood, food scraps and paper. That is, paper that has been manufactured from a natural type material.

Plastic bags have been discovered to affect our environment in many ways. These bags are not considered to have the capabilities to decompose in a rapid manner. It is estimated the time for that process can be anywhere from 500 to a 1,000 years. In the meantime the plastic can get into our waters, affecting our wildlife, birds in particular. It has been found many times, that birds, such as sea gulls and others have remnants of plastic bags in their stomachs. These plastic bags have apparently been mistaken for food. The bags add to the litter problem that exists every where we go. They have become entangled in bushes, flowers, trees, have been seen blowing onto a car travelling down the road. This situation, when landing on the windshield could hamper the driver's ability to see properly. Running over a plastic bag and dragging it, can become a hazard, also. The bag that is not reusable or biodegradable, takes up more space in our already full landfills. Statistics show that Americans dispose of almost 100 billion plastic bags per year. All of these cannot work with the microorganisms to become biodegradable. There is a possibility that manufacturers can come up with a plastic bag that will be able to not harm the environment. Test and studies are being done.

Reusable shopping bags, could completely replace the harmful Plastic bags. They are very easy to care for and strong. These reusable bags can be purchased quite reasonably. A person, if inclined to do do can sew some for themselves. For several years we have used this type of bag, as Tote Bags. They can be available in decorative designs and various colors. These handy reusable bags, have acted as diaper bags, carry ons for plane travel, lunches, clothing, shoes, books and many other uses. Why not use them for our groceries shopping bags. How convenient it could be. Just keep several folded up or standing, however you wish, in your car. Take them into the store with you, and have things loaded into your reusable bag. Each time you can achieve replacing the plastic bag with the reusable bag, is another time that you will be doing your part to make everyone's life on this planet Earth better and healthier.

Buy a reusable bag and do your bit for the environment. With a wide variety of bags available in jute, cloth and cotton, you will be spoilt for choice. Reusable bags in several designs and material are available at this store here.

By Nora Davies