Health and Fitness

Depending on how good your life is, your health depends on your health. The term fitness will be easy for you when you have a regular life. There is a saying, "Health is the core of all happiness". We know less about this word. But how many can keep yourself healthy? How much time has been done to keep people healthy But there are some key issues that we can easily be healthy if we accept it. Let's talk about some of the health-related health problems.


Sleep: Every day we need to practice sleeping for at least 6 hours. Because it is important to keep a normal person's body healthy for 6 hours. Do not sleep overnight or sleep after two hours of night meal and try to wake up in the morning. Try to make it slowly as a habit, but then try to make it slowly.

We are very much aware of health, but I know that my writing is actually health, 10 health standards related to the health of the World Health Organization-

1. One can work with energy-efficient, naturally to deal with life's various tasks.
2. Optimistic, can work in an active perspective.
3. Take regular rest, sleep well.
4. can adapt to the environment, deal with different conditions. 
5. The common cold and infectious diseases have preventative strength.
6. The weight is right, the organizational direction of the body is correct.
7. Eyes are bright, there is no inflammatory disease.
8. teeth are clean and refreshing, no pain, teeth of teeth are normal.
9. there is light in the hair, there is no dandruff.
10. The bones are healthy, muscular and skin-friendly, no difficulty in walking.

Physical Exercise: Perform at least half an hour physical exercise every day. The best time to exercise is at the dawn. But if you are not able to practice every morning for special reasons, then you can practice walking every afternoon. Nowadays, many women and men are aware of health. However, the use of equipment of the gym should follow the advice of the trainer.

Currently we are much more technologically. There is no manual work or exercise. But for the sake of good health, emphasis on physical work or exercise has been given long before.

There is no substitute for exercise for a strong body. Many of them went to the gym to adjust the regular exercise.

Many of them do not go to regular gym. Many people do not have to stay home regularly because of the job or business. That's not right to stop the exercise. At this time enough desire to continue the exercise There is no problem even if you do not have the necessary equipment for exercise. It's just the will. Today we will know about some of the exercises, where equipment is not needed.

Bird dog at Planck position
In case of normal push-up, 'prawn position' will be taken. That is to say, lie down on the bed.

Now fill the body with a hand on one hand and one foot. At this time, one leg should be left in the open and one hand (left hand on the right foot) should be placed in front of the empty. So return 30 to 60 seconds to normal. Now swap the other hands and feet empty. In this way, changing hands and legs will have to be practiced several times.

This exercise helps to keep hands, back, hamstring and feet properly. First of all, the hands and feet will have to sit down as much as possible. Keep in mind, the hands are in the middle of two knees touched on the ground. Now you have to jump and push the body to the back. If the hands and feet come to the touch of the soil then the condition of giving donation will be made. Come back to the previous state. Now jump in the top and go straight to the right position.

One leg dead lift
This practice has to stand on one leg. During this time, the two hands should be hung on both sides of the body. Now lean towards the body. However, it should be ensured that the spinal cord is not bent. Until the hand touches the ground, it will be at risk. After touching the soil, it will return to its previous state.

Our life is dynamic and dynamic being the life of action. And this exercise needs some exercise to keep our body vibrant with life. Knees on the knees (skate), jump (lanz), bending or lowering the body, taking something from the ground, walking with weight, pushing and doing something very fast - according to experts, healthy body has to adapt to these seven types of movements.

Even if you do not get too heavy exercise, walking 30 minutes a day benefits health. Lifecycle website Boldsky has announced a few minutes of walking 30 minutes a day.

1. Walking keeps the heart healthy
Walking every day keeps heart rate better. It increases blood circulation, regulates blood pressure, removes bad cholesterol in the body and increases good cholesterol. The heart is good in it.

2. Increases metabolism
Walking stimulates our digestive system and works to digest digestion from the stomach. The food is digested well, metabolism increases. Besides walking helps to reduce weight.

3. Prevents bone loss
Everyday walking bones decrease corrosion and harden the bones. Regular walking helps prevent joints dryness. Arthritis is also prevented.

4. Increases immunity
Walking increases our immune system. Helps in creating white particles. Regular walks can be prevented with cold, flu prevention.

5. Make happy
Walking to listen to any favorite music in the park works to reduce stress; Keeps the mind good It helps reduce depression.

Physical exercises will help you to:
1. You can sleep well.
2. Be active.
3. You can build strong bones and strong muscles.
4. You can keep weight properly or bring weight to the right level.
5. Sadness can reduce the risk of disease.
6. Can reduce the risk of premature death.

Foods: Put the bread and vegetables in the morning meal list. But there is no problem with the result. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Try to refrain from all types of fast food and oily foods. Because, these will increase your health risk. Sugar food is never good enough to eat. It is healthier to eat meat more than two days a week. Many people like to drink soft drinks too. It contains lots of fat. So soft drinks should not be eaten more.