Beginner’s Guide for AOL Mail Password Reset

Forgot AOL Password is a common problem...! Manually fix this <br>issue by AOL Mail Password Reset process. For proper guidance contact AOL <br>Support team instantly.

There could be multiple reasons due to which AOL customers want to change his/her AOL mail account password. Possibly, AOL user forgot AOL password or found some suspicious activity in the account. Or may be user want to create a stronger AOL password. No matter for what reason you want to change AOL password. In this informative blog, we will let you know the proper step-by-step process of AOL Mail Password Reset.

Steps to Change AOL Mail Account Password

Check out the list and follow accordingly to change the password as you desired: -

1. Go to the AOL homepage .i.e.
2. From the top-right corner of AOL homepage, hit onto the “Login/Join” icon.
3. Type in the username in the given section and hit the “Next” icon.

4. Later, enter the password if remember. But if forgotten AOL password, click on the “Forgot password” or “I forgot my password” link under or above the “Sign in” icon depending upon AOL update.

5. If you remember the password and able to access the AOL account..! Simply, go to the “Account Setting” option from ‘My Account’ tab and later, click on the “Change Password” option from the “Account Setting” drop-down.

There are two ways to retrieve AOL password either by using the registered phone number or email address. After clicking the “Forgot Password” link, follow the steps shown below for AOL Password Reset: -

Using Registered Phone Number

1. Type in the username & later, hit onto the “Next” icon.
2. Type in the registered AOL password recovery number linked to the account. Later, hit onto the “Next” icon.
3. AOL customer can receive the verification code either via call or text SMS. Chose any one of the alternative that suits you.
4. In the “Enter Code” section, type in the verification code and later, hit on the “Next” icon.
5. Finally, type in the new password and again type in that password to confirm it in the confirmation field. Later, click on the “Save” button to store the credentials.

Using Registered Email Address

1. Type in the username & hit on the “Next” icon.
2. Choose the registered email address as an alternative option for verification.
3. Choose the alternative - Email a reset link to my recovery email address.
4. Once you open the registered email ID, you will notice an AOL password recovery link from the AOL team with a subject line .i.e. Request to reset your password.
5. In email, press the ‘Reset Password’ button.
6. Finally, type in the new desired password and hit on the “Save” icon.

Hope, the above-shown steps are sufficient for AOL customer to recover AOL password. If you encounter any trouble associated with the AOL Mail Password Reset even after implementing the steps – AOL customers are recommended to contact the AOL USA support team of well-versed & qualified AOL certified technicians.