How to increase Direct Sales from Opponents via Marketing

How to increase Direct Sales from Opponents via Marketing

If we talk about direct sales marketing, then getting a client response, in one form or another (better if in the form of repeat sales) to your appeal, is the main indicator of the quality of your marketing.

The result of the Saturday informal meeting with one of the business owners was such a list of some of the key pillars of successful direct sales marketing, allowing an increase in the number of customer inquiries, including the importance of using several marketing principles to communicate with customers.

What is direct marketing and what are the rules for quality direct marketing communication? How, then, to increase the effectiveness of direct marketing or Referrel Marketing like Coupons?

1. The basic rule of direct sales marketing I would call the “20/20/40/20 Rule”, that is, the success of any direct marketing campaign depends on:
10% is a list of contacts (this is a list of your contacts, and not stubborn from somewhere the base purchased somewhere);
30% - timeliness of contact;
40% - utility;
20% - the essence and form of the announcement.

2. I think that I’m not mistaken if I say that the second key rule of direct sales marketing can be stated as follows:
Not a single business, not even related to direct sales, can survive without direct sales.
By this I try to say that direct sales marketing is, first of all, not searching for new customers and providing primary sales (this should be done by advertising and promotion). The task of direct marketing is to ensure repeatability and renewability of communication with the client. That is why, in the paragraph above, the value of the customer base is no more than 10%

3. Rule three is related to the timeliness of contacting customers:
Timely contact is more valuable than lead quality
Why is the timeliness of contact more significant than having a list of clients? Think about this:
How many restaurants will not be closed if a client who has visited him once, never returns?
How many sites will remain popular if they do not update and add content and will be forced from year to year to feed visitors with old information?
How many people will buy your advertised if it is not available?

The fact is that, no matter how much we would like to, we need to contact the client not when we consider it important (a new consignment of goods has come), but when it is important for the client.
If we do not remind the client of the restaurant on the eve of his birthday, that he, to the joy and benefit for himself, can celebrate him in a restaurant, then at another time communication with this client will be less effective, if possible;
If, turning to the client, we do not inform him about the new, then even periodic and scheduled calendar contacts with him are no more than an annoying SPAM;
If you set yourself to inform more profitable offers about the profitable offer than there are goods in stock or if you tell customers from Vladivostok about your wonderful event in Samara, can you call it marketing at all?

4. Rule four may follow from the statement of David Ogilvy:
“An advertisement that does not promise the consumer anything useful cannot help sell, but in most campaigns there are no promises at all”

The rule of high-quality direct communication is that you need to talk about how much the features of what you sell, how much about the emerging prospects for the buyer. Everything that you do should answer the client's question “What the hell do I need?”.

I like to sell solutions, because this is what the buyer wants and this approach reveals a prospect. Why sell products less profitable than to satisfy customers? See ...
If you know how many customers are satisfied with the first transaction the second and the third time, you can calculate how much money you can lose on the first sale in order to return them on the second or third transaction. This is one of the basics of direct marketing!

5. Why is the form of the announcement so high? The idea of ​​direct marketing, to a greater extent, work on the continuation of relations with those who bought something from you, left contact - it is now convenient for them when you communicate with them that are important for them directly and promptly by phone or email. If you are really engaged in direct marketing, and not SPAM, you have much more opportunities to tell your story or the story of the product you are promoting. Now it is not necessary to convince these clients of your viability and expertise. Now the dialogue goes to a qualitatively different level, when you are not just "sniffing out" what you have in stock, you are an expert, an assistant in choice and application.

According to recent research from Euclid*, about 90% of consumers say that shops should inform about the best deals during the holidays, because it is important to them! And all the young consumers who participated in the survey claimed that they would choose one seller compared to another because of the store experience. Well, here's a case on timeliness and usefulness, the importance of the essence of the message, and the importance of the direct marketing itself, the store on the eve of the holidays.

If you dwell on the form of communication, then you will agree that the appeal is in the style of:
"You were my client for a year. Now I want you to remain so for the next year. To do this, after analyzing what you bought and what you were interested in during the year, I want to inform you about new offers that were created especially for you"

this is unlikely to cause the client a uniquely negative reaction: “do not call me more” or press the “unsubscribe” button. Right?

If you do not take into account these simple rules, direct marketing will inevitably become a burden for the marketer, a headache for those customers who, once they have bought it, have communicated their personal data and regretted it a hundred times later. Well, why such a wonderful tool of direct marketing as “loyalty programs” often does not work and how to make this tool effective is written here