How to Choose the Best Foam Film?

How to choose your foam film? Foam film is a protective film, which little is known to the general public.

Foam film is a protective film, which little is known to the general public. However, it protects weak surfaces from scratches and bumps. There are several models and thickness of foam film. What criteria need to be considered to make the right choice?

What is an I / Foam Film? What is it?
Foam film is a polythene foam protective film. This material is known for its flexibility and flexibility. In this way, the foam film is perfectly matched to the accessories or furniture.

It is especially appreciated by the professionals of the movement, as it protects against scratches: wrapping of delicate surfaces such as wrapped furniture, paint car parts, mirrors, paintings or glassware. Prevents scratches on the exposed surface.

In addition, it is known that it is water proof and dust proof. You can save your furniture and fragile items over time due to deterioration or storage conditions (wet rooms, etc.).

II / Different foam models
There is no foam, but there is foam. What are the features of each model?

Classic Film Foam: Its purpose is to protect and transport sensitive surfaces so they can't be scratched.
Flex Foam Foam Film / Glass: Ideal for transporting and storing fragile objects such as paintings for paintings, merchandise or glasses. Air bubbles protect the product from shock and impact, and foam protects it from scratches.

III / Quality for selecting your foam film.
Once the model is selected, other, other criteria must also be taken into consideration when choosing a foam film that meets your needs.

Quality 1: Foam thickness.
One of the most important criteria is the thickness of polyethylene foam. It can vary from 1mm to 10mm. This difference of a few millimeters may seem harmless to humans, but on the scale of polythene foam, it varies greatly: the thicker the foam film, the more protective it is.

For example, a foam film of less than 2 mm thickness only serves to prevent scratches at the critical surface, while foam film thickness greater than 2 mm is used to absorb shock. Therefore, protect against the protection of packaged products or furniture.

Measure 2: Air conditioning.
Our range of foam films is specially packaged in rolls of 50 to 500 meters in length and 50 to 1.2 meters in width (or width). Roll packaging is great for any size packaging item and furniture with its dimensions.

Please note that there are also foil dispensers that are periodically cut into sheets to require protective wrap for small items of protective wrap or batches of foam film sheets, which separate the folded product into one package and Serve as an alternative to safety. Cardboard