How to Fix Blerk Error 1 in AOL Mail?

How to Fix Blerk Error 1 in AOL Mail?

How to Fix Blerk Error 1 in AOL Mail?


Are you having issues with your AOL mail account? If yes then you are on the right page. At AOL tech support +1-888-572-7379 you can fix all your mail issues on the go. Nonetheless, you can also avail some troubleshoots stuff to combat general mail issues. These methods are precisely designed by our experts who possess in-depth experience in the email technology. With our expertise who could resolve all type of mail issues quickly and maintain the integrity of your mail account.


The majority of the mail AOL mail issues are not critical or complex in nature, as they have a tendency to fix by them self in a couple of minutes. Nonetheless, in the worst case, they could bother you with a great deal. Below is a list of some common AOL error code.

  • AOL Blerk! Error 1
  • AOL Blerk! Error 2
  • AOL Blerk! Error 3
  • AOL Blerk! Error 5
  • AOL Blerk! Error 5


These error codes could appear on your screen in the following circumstances.

  • Subpar or mediocre internet connectivity
  • Server down on regular basis.
  • Mail account attacked by a malicious entity.
  • User account authentication issues from the server end.
  • Outdated AOL mail version.

In order to get rid of these error codes in a speedier time, you might need to take the advantage of following advances.

Log out from the mail account and exit from the sign in page by closing it.

  • Exit from the active window program and application.
  • Reboot your PC.
  • Waits until your system booted up completely.
  • Open your web browser and go to AOL site and then sign in again.
  • If the error codes continue to bother you again, follow the next steps
  • Open your Web browser and explore the menu tab.
  • Open temporary file section.
  • Check all the boxes and tap on the OK button to continue.


If still these error codes still refuse to evacuate from your mail account, then make

Sure to connect with AOL Technical Support executive today. We are here to help you. We are open 24x7 and ready to serve you at any point in time.