What do think about essay writing? Can We Replace It with the Term Of Classroom Robots

Can We Replace It with the Term Of Classroom Robots

Essay writing relates to a section of writing any paper that illustrates and expresses the writers’ point of view. Writing an essay could be in the form of an article, research paper, descriptive, argumentative, or narrative essays. The writing can either be in the informal or formal form. It is vital to consider while writing that an essay must be free from spelling mistakes or other grammatical errors. It should also be structured properly, in an organized manner. The way the essay has been written shows how much attention and effort was given in the writing process. It will also depict if the individual has spent ample amount of time while writing. Furthermore, the instructor would be able to tell if enough research was done and if the student has written the relevant information.

Students are taught how to write an essay starting from a very young age. Essays are tasks given by the instructor as a means of enabling the students to think critically, develop an understanding of the topic, and lastly to improve and enhance the writing skills of a person.  Furthermore, to write an outstanding essay requires determination and reflective understanding to derive an outcome and arrive at a conclusion. One may also be required to carry out ample amount of research, gain a various point of views from other scholars and finally, reach an argument.

Writing an essay can be a very tedious task amongst students. However, writing an essay is of great importance, for example, it can determine one's grade and academic performance, it can even be for a university, and the way the essay is written will determine if one will get a scholarship or admission in the desired university.

Thus, this shows why one must have excellent writing skills. However, many students lack this skill and face difficulties when an assignment is given. Nevertheless, many websites exist that provide essay writing services in which students ask them that write my cheap paper, please check my paper, complete my citations or help me write my Ph.D. thesis. All these demands can be fulfilled in any academic writing service. Nevertheless, the tasks aren’t easy for the ones in this field of work.

Writing requires a lot of hours spent on research and lastly, when the completed essay is provided to the student, the individual may not be satisfied with the work and may demand to get the work revised. At times this task can become very difficult as the one writing may get tired and even frustrated.

Thus, the task of essay writing can be replaced with classroom robots. Classroom robots are the most recent form of technology; they can be used in a number of various fields that include maths, science, language, and even writing an essay. The classroom robots are also considered to be computer programmable robots, meaning they will be purpose-built and programmed to write an essay in any format. The job of writing essays can now be given to the classroom robots, firstly, because they have a clear objective. While writing an essay, a person can easily get distracted that can affect the content of an essay but classroom robots have a clear purpose; they simply focus on the task given.

Secondly, classroom robots have no problem with repeating tasks. In an essay writing service, an individual may be asked to re-write and review their essay multiple times; this can be very exasperating for the person. On the other hand, robots would have no problem in repeating tasks as they don’t run out patience and neither do they get tired. That is why essay writing can now be replaced with classroom robots.