In world, everybody is affected by fashion to some extent. It can be easy to tell a lot about a person by observing the way they dress, the way they put their outfits together shows us the kind of person they are on a daily basis. Even people who say that they do not care about how they look still indicate what kind of person they are and what they want to be. It is impossible to say that you do not care about fashion but not look a certain way whether it is to their advantage or to their disadvantages.

Fashion does not just include wearing clothes that protects us from the elements. In recent years fashion has made its importance known in almost every sector of life. People can be categorized into two according to their fashion style; the first one are the people who follow fashion trends and adopts them and the second one are people who create fashion and style statements for people to follow. This categories can however be extended to another group of people who rarely have anything to do with fashion trends but instead go with their own style to create their own unique personality.


Fashion does not just include the use of cosmetics, make up or hair style. It is the ability to create the charisma of looking attractive in anything you choose to wear and this effect can be created with the proper type of accessories to match the foot wear and the clothes, thereby creating a pleasant picture to view. There have been several occasions where people who cannot afford to buy expensive clothes look attractive in casual wears, simply by presenting themselves in a manner of great sophistication and creating an aura around them with the charisma of looking good.



Fashion trends are said to be the the latest evolvement of the fashion industry, that is, it is the lead in something new and evolving in fashion. Some years ago, the fashion world has seemed like a place nearly impossible for the the general public to have a taste of. It seemed like a mysterious place which only the rich and famous are capable of being a part of. However, in recent times the the rapid growth of the technological world has led to the creation of the social media, and as a result of this, the general public have been allowed to be a part of the fashion world and to be exposed to the ever changing fashion trends. The growth and development of social media has opened up the world to fashion and everyone is capable of joining in and sharing their experiences. Social media has had a significant role in the evolution of fashion trends. One of the most popular examples of social media that has an impact on fashion is Blogging. As of recent times, the demand for blogging has increased exponentially and more people are using this as a way to connect with each other. Bloggers that specify on fashion provide updates on the latest fashion trends in the market through the relevant websites, even before it is announced on the magazine. Also some bloggers have been seen to even show up in the front row of catwalk shows, a place that has been known to be previously reserved only for designers and celebrities.

Fashion blogging have gained the attention of the general public not just because this kind of social media allows the people to relate to the writer but also because the fashion bloggers have the ability to report on the latest fashion trends instantly like within minutes after the shows have taken place. This enables people to get reports of fashion trends faster than the magazines in which people have to weeks or months after the show has taken place for the report to be published. It also provides people with the opportunity to communicate and interact with each other on the platform.

Also popular social media platform like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook have also had a huge impact on fashion trends especially the ladies fashion. The top brands in the fashion industry such as Dior, Burberry, Gucci, Armani and Louis Vuitton have all made use of these social media platforms to stream live catwalk shows as they are happening, which enables people to know about the latest fashion trends and tell each other before it reaches the market. It also enables people to communicate and interact directly with the designers, which raise their awareness of what fashion products are famous and what fashion enthusiasts find interesting. This enables the public to have a direct influence on fashion trends. However, in recent times designers have made it possible for people to purchase clothes instantly during these live catwalk shows.

There is no specific group that declares whether a certain fashion product will become a hot trend or not. The fashion designers and the consumers who purchase the product will make their judgment and throw many opinions to the public and observe which one is purchased.



In the first stage of the cycle, the trend is highly hunted when people see the trends on the live catwalk show. Then after that comes the emulation stage where everyone wants to purchase the trends but only big shots, celebrities and fashion industry have access to these trends right off the runway. Then soon celebrities are seen with these trends on the red carpet or in a music video but it are not yet available in the retail stores. Then during the second stage the new fashion trend will appear in the fashion magazines, newspaper, TV and on the internet where the celebrities will have posted videos and images of these new fashion trends on their social media accounts. In this stage, the product is available at a bit expensive designer collections. In the third stage the product will be available to the public at a more affordable cost for most buyers.

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