Beauty Industry

Everyone wants to look good and beautiful but exactly how important is the beauty industry. The beauty industry contains mainly the field of cosmetology and beauty therapy and their relevance cannot be denied. As long as anyone can remember one of the most popular priorities of both men and women have been to look beautiful and attractive. It is believed by some people that beauty therapy has a history that goes back as far as the primitive times. The beauty industry has now developed rapidly to accommodate millions of people working at improving the beauty products and services to make their customers look beautiful.

It is human nature to cherish beauty and therefore as of recent times there are many treatments available to make people beautiful. People use the beauty product and services to enhance their physical beauty, that is, people like to have clean and clear face with glowing complexion and also well groomed thick long hair. People enjoy having a smart and fit body because it makes them look attractive. These beauty products are often used by people to achieve a fair and spotless skin which makes them more attractive and also to give them soft hands and well groomed fingernails which people also find appealing. These are some of the reasons why the beauty industry has experienced a rapid growth in recent years. The people who work in the beauty industry are often referred to as cosmetologists or

beauticians. As we have mentioned above, the two main fields in the beauty industry include;


       1. COSMETOLOGY:

A lot of people think that the field of cosmetology is just about the use of cosmetics; however it consists of a lot more than that. Cosmetology is the first thing that comes to people mind when they think of beauty school. When people think about cosmetology they think about cutting and styling in a salon.

Cosmetology is simply the branch of the beauty industry that deals with the study and the applications of beauty treatments. Some of the branches of specialty in the cosmetology field are skin care, manicures and pedicures, cosmetics and hair styling, permanent hair removal procedures such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Electrology and temporary hair removal processes such as sugaring and waxing.

Cosmetology is said to be the skill or job of providing beauty treatments to people by cutting and washing hair, giving professional manicures and pedicures and applying make ups to make the people more beautiful and attractive. The cosmetologists have been trained to provide personal care services that include caring for the condition of people’s hair, skin and nails. The people employed in the cosmetology field are barbers, hair stylists, estheticians, theatrical and performance makeup artists and manicurists and pedicurists.

Cosmetologists are professionally trained to provide cosmetic treatments to the hair, fingernails and the skin. These are often divided into many parts which includes chemical hair removal without the use of a sharp blade, skin and hair analysis, fashion trends, fingernails, wigs and skin care, cutting and chemically treating hair, professionally applying makeup to conceal or promote and relaxation techniques such as neck, scalp, head, hand and feet basic massage and aroma therapy. They can also offer services such as reflexology, hair coloring, perms, hair straightening and extensions.



A beauty therapist is an expert who is trained and licensed to provide specialist treatment services and offer advice for the proper care of the skin and body. Aside from making their clients more beautiful and attractive they are also trained to make them feel good about themselves, that is improve their personal self esteem and boost their confidence. Beauty therapy has also said to have a significant therapeutic role that goes beyond cosmetics, it is said to improve and individual’s self esteem and confidence. It may even in some cases help to improve an individual’s health and aid in their recovery.

The beauty therapists have a strong understanding of important body systems, anatomy, cosmetic chemistry and skin biology. They are trained to offer many non-medical face, body and relaxation treatments to suit their client’s needs and they are also able to offer advice to their client about the proper beauty products and aftercare. Beauty therapy is also recommended by some medical practitioners to treat specific skin conditions such as eczema and acne, but they are not trained to diagnose these conditions.

Beauty therapist often work with many equipments and products such as hot wax or performing microdermabrasion and therefore they must be properly trained in the proper usage and handling of these products to perform these treatments without complications.



Beauty trends are said to be the the latest evolvement of the beauty industry, that is, it is the lead in something new and evolving in fashion. Some years ago, the beauty industry has seemed like a place nearly impossible for the the general public to have a taste of. It seemed like a mysterious place which only the rich and famous are capable of being a part of. However, in recent times the the rapid growth of the technological world has led to the creation of the social media, and as a result of this, the general public have been allowed to be a part of the beauty industry and to be exposed to the ever changing fashion trends. The growth and development of social media has opened up the world to fashion and everyone is capable of joining in and sharing their experiences.

The rapid growth of the social Medias has resulted in a rapid change of beauty trends. Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram are an excellent way for the public to stay connected and get quick updates on the latest beauty trends. These social networks have become a very important channel for the brands in the beauty industry. According to recent research Facebook is the most used social network channel for beauty and personal care brands. And as a result of social Medias like Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, YouTube and Twitter, there has been a rapid change in the beauty trends.

These beauty brands have also been employing famous social media personalities like the Kardashians and Kylie and Kendall Jenner. The rapid growth of the beauty trends is also as a result of fashionista celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga.