Content Writing for Ecommerce Website

In an eCommerce website, the product is king, but every section must be accompanied by a sufficiently attractive content writing for the user to become a client.

What kind of content is correct for eCommerce website? Here are some tips for content writing for eCommerce solutions.

Content Writing for Ecommerce Website

Think As a User

It seems obvious, but at the time of content writing, we forget who we are going to address. What type of user are you communicating with? Would you get along better with him or her if you talk about you and only you? Is it a young audience that uses a colloquial language or is it a professional audience that needs technical words? Be very aware of who you are talking to when developing your content for eCommerce website since it is not the same to address 15-year-old users as it is to 53-year-old users.

At the same time, and related to knowing your target audience, it is interesting that you know what is most important to the same to highlight it in the content of your product. For example, if you have an eCommerce website for sunglasses and you are aware that your potential customer is looking for the distinction by purchasing the product, you can include phrases in your product detail page that make you understand that they will achieve what they are looking for with your product. In other words, your goal is to convey that the product you offer is fulfilling an important requirement for him/her and that is why you think he should acquire it.

Easy-To-Read Product Description

One thing is that a user goes in search of a blog where he knows that he will read an extensive article and another that wants to read 700 words in the description of a product. When it comes to the information we provide to the client about the product, it must be offered in a clear and concise manner. For example, if you are selling a shoe you can write a description of the product on eCommerce website, but the best thing is that its characteristics are organized in points or even in a table. In this way, the client finds it less laborious to find the information they are looking for and facilitates reading for eCommerce website user.

The thumbnail of each product on your eCommerce website is used to solve the possible doubts of the Internet, so it is important to add relevant information to users. In the case of garments, for example, they would be characteristics such as sizes or colors, while in the case of products such as mobiles could be the battery life, the resolution of the camera or RAM and internal memory.

Few users will buy your products if you do not offer any of them or a very limited selection of them. For these cases it is always good to put yourself in the customer's shoes: would you buy shoes whose product card only size 38 or whose size specifies the size, colors, and materials of manufacture...?

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Highlight the Benefits of Buying Your Product

The customer always likes the feeling of buying a product that has a 'plus' or an ‘extra’, which is why when you see your eCommerce website product detail page you have to feel that you are acquiring something that is really worthwhile. Returning to the previous example of the shoes, we could mention the benefits that the client will have if he acquires the product: it offers greater comfort thanks to its manufacturing materials, the foot breathes perfectly thanks to its design, its shape allows an adaptation to the total foot ... what makes your offer stand out will encourage the customer to acquire it.

This point is extremely important, since you may even be selling exactly the same product as another store, but if you have managed to highlight the benefits of acquiring it with you, you have many possibilities to take that purchase.

As you may have seen, eCommerce website content writing requires a language adapted to our target audience, complete product sheets and know how to convey to the user what makes our proposal special.

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