Best 4G Industrial Modem and Router

4G modem router is the best solution for remote monitoring because it provides ultra-fast broadband network access to wireless and wired devices from a remote workplace, vacation home, and mobile is also use as 4G LTE standby for existing home-based wired networks.

Regardless of whether working from the remote work area, going to a meeting or in your recreational vehicle, it can be guaranteed that you are constantly connected. You will remain connected regardless of your 4G connection isn’t sufficient or your wired connection goes down. At home, you appreciate a steady WiFi connection without any interruption and enjoy gaming and video also provides the most elevated security over your network and ensures privacy and protection while on the web.

Best 4G Modem Router is two in one technology; LTE Modem with WiFi Router. It has extreme mobile broadband and super-fast WiFi connection up to 1900Mbps with wired and up to 300Mbps with 4G LTE, through which you can share any gigantic file and stream any huge video. It is perfect when wired connectivity is inaccessible, troublesome or down. Its dual-core 1GHz processor enhances wired, wireless and WAN-to-LAN performance. Advanced QoS intelligently programmed gaming and video streaming. It has great range with high-powered amplifiers for best connectivity. It has a personal dashboard to control, monitor and restore your home network from anyplace.

Wi-Fi Pause to switches off the internet for a while, a good option when you want to spend quality time with family. It has attachable and upgradeable 4G LTE antennas and exterior mobile broadband antennas execute better than interior antennas. At home, for the best 4G LTE reception you can easily add an antenna extension cable s to the attachable antennas with a standard SMA jack connectors.

It has Gigabit Ethernet dual-WAN and 4G for interruption-free connections. Furthermore to its 4G LTE ability, one of the Gigabit Ethernet LAN port is used as a standby wired internet connection WAN port, that is triggered when the 4G LTE connection misses the mark, and mechanically switches back when service is repaired. This gives outstanding flexibility for corporate or home-based users you are always with an internet connection. It is also most suitable for those that don’t need cable line or fixed broadband DSL as well as for pop up retails, trade shows and remote conferences and meeting, wherever where you need internet.

It has VPN Client and Server for Encrypted Remote Connection, through the virtual private network (VPN) client and VPN server, you can access your home-based connection distantly or use the internet with Inscription, and no need for a devoted VPN server repaid VPN services.