The fashion trends 2019 presented by voguemagazin with the most beautiful fashion looks that will not only inspire celebrities this year. Neon is in full swing as featured at the New York Fashion Week Bella Hadid for designer Prabal Gurung in the Spring / Summer 2019 runway show.

                      Fashion trends 2019

2019 is going to be very interesting, this is because most of the popular fashion trends are way too eye-popping. We are talking about bike shorts, red and pink outfits, Neons, tie dye, as well as patterned suits. Keep on scrolling to get a broader knowledge of all the outfits celebrities will be rocking this year.

  1. Tie-Dye

In case you saved up all your self-dyed and multi-colored shirts from high school, now is the perfect moment! Tie-dye is fully back in an intriguing way for 2019.

  1. Bike Shorts

You have seen them on the Kardashians and Hadids and other influencers, but you are also about to see them everywhere else.

  1. One Cold Shoulder

Cold shoulder styles are still trending, but having a style like the ones from the Monroe runway show, with only one cold shoulder, is undoubtedly the fresh new dressing pattern in 2019.

  1. See-through Plastic-made Coats

This fashion trend says “Do not let a rainy weather take away your fantastic outfit, wear a plastic-made coat that allows it to shine through! “ Models on the Kate Spade runway in New York have demonstrated the look in bright pink styles that gives a peek of the yellow-colored piece underneath.

  1. Mixed Prints

Definitely, you can match and mix different patterns on your own, but this new 2019 fashion trend does the whole work on your behalf, by making multiple prints work together in a single dress.

  1. Red-Hot Looks

Get prepare to see different tons of this color in online and local stores. Ashley Graham displayed how to properly slay this hue on the Prabal Gurung runway.

  1. Neons

Hope you love brights? You won’t be able to walk away from them in 2019.

  1. Up-to-date Safari Jacket

This safari jacket fashion style (a belted several pockets kind of dress), has come into the new year in sexier silhouettes, different colors, and also in a jumpsuit form.

  1. Tonal Dressing

Going head-to-toe in a single spectrum of hues like what Adwoa Aboah, did in the Marc Jacob runaway is going to be very mind blowing in 2019.

  1. Colorful Fringe

The cowboy/western style has showed up, and it comes with various fringes. Colorful fringes to be precise.

  1. Capes

Who does not love a dramatic peninsula moment? Bella Hadid shows off this look in an awesome velvet magenta style on the Prabal Gurung walkway.

  1. Crochet

Get your needles ready, fam! The Crochet fashion trend is back and you can also wear it from head to toe like how Regina Carl did on the Michael Kors fashion show.

  1. Bermuda Shorts

Not to get confused with bike shorts, the Bermuda baggier fashion style is popular for stopping just above the knee.

  1. Checks

This black and white square pattern outfit popular back in the 80s is making so much headlines in 2019. It also has a killer cute off-shoulder pattern.

  1. Feather Details

Feathers were all over the Michael Kors runaway. Be ready to see more of this eye-popping fashion trends everywhere in 2019.



Photo: fashionstock / 123RF