How to Set Up the Sonos System?

If you are very much enthusiastic about the Sonos system and now want to set up your Sonos system, then follow the post below. You just need to follow some simple steps and you can easily set up your Sonos system.

In a usual setup, the Sonos devices can directly connect to the Wi-Fi network of your home, just like your computer or phone. Just you need to keep your Sonos devices in any room with a decent connection to the respective home’s Wi-Fi signal, next you have to download the Sonos application to start the process. As a result, the application would take you through the setting up of the particular Sonos system from start to end. It is also possible to wire your Sonos product straightforwardly to your router. As a result, it would create a dedicated wireless network only for the respective Sonos system. Albeit it’s not typically necessary, but if you’re an owner of a bigger Sonos system or inferior Wi-Fi coverage in your home, it might provide better outcomes. Now, if you want to know more about such kind of setup, you can contact the Sonos customer support team.

How can you set up Your Sonos System?

Setting up the Sonos system has a requirement of the utilization of a mobile device that operates on Android or iOS. However, it’s also important to download the latest version of the Sonos application from the app store on the respective device. You can also contact their customer care support team to know about the system requirements in detail. As a first step, you have to plug in the respective Sonos products to power. And then just download the Sonos application to your tablet or phone that has been connected to your home Wi-Fi network. Next, you need to open the Sonos application, choose “Set up a new Sonos system,” and then create or sign in to the respective Sonos account. When prompted what you’re setting up, you have to select the relevant option and then follow the particular in-app instructions in order to complete the setup process.

How to play music after Setup:

Congrats! Your Sonos system has now been set up and you’d probably want to add as well as play some music. Don’t forget that TuneIn Radio has already been preinstalled on your Sonos to help you start listening in no time. Just you need to click “Radio” by TuneIn from the respective “Browse” tab in the Sonos application.

TuneIn Radio

 Sonos has appeared preconfigured with more than 100,000 worldwide radio stations that have been provided by TuneIn. Just you need to click “Radio by TuneIn” within your Sonos application to start your listening.

Local Music Library

You can also start sharing your personal Music Library tracks with Sonos within just a couple of simple steps.

Music Services

It is also possible to add one or more of the several Music Services that are available on Sonos.

The troubleshooting part is also important. Don’t forget that for making your Sonos product plus the Sonos app to converse in times of the wireless setup process, both of them must be within the range of your home's Wi-Fi. In case you’re experiencing issues throughout the setup process, just check to make sure that your tablet or phone that’s running Sonos application has been connected to your home Wi-Fi network. Wireless-N and Wireless-AC routers should work with the Sonos system until they are still broadcasting throughout B and G Wi-Fi. Most of the Wireless-N and AC routers should perform this unless they are not manually configured.

The particular network must not comprise of enterprise access points that are configured for requiring certificates or other formats of enterprise authentication. In case you’re making use of more than one access points, you need to ensure that all of them have been set to the same 2.4GHz wireless channel. Sonos can’t make a connection to the guest networks or the networks that make use of a portal page to login. The network that is using wireless range extenders is said to create issues with Sonos systems that have been configured in a wireless setup.

So, now you can easily set up your Sonos system and enjoy listening.

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